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Humanities at Christ Church

Humanities at Christchurch

At Christchurch, each year group has their own termly topic which may cover history, geography or both of these subjects. Currently children learn about the wider world, different cultures and about key historical events or periods. Through such learning, the aim is that the children develop an understanding of the significance of their own lives, but also an appreciation of how other people live their lives and how patterns of humanity change over time. We also want the children develop a curiosity to ask questions, to think critically about past and current environments and to encounter particular situations with an inquisitive and analytical approach.

In the summer term, we will be trialling project based learning in humanities. This will focus more on asking big questions linked to our topics followed by an exploration and investigative approach to learning which focuses on using resources and different lines of enquiry to reach a conclusion about our particular question. The aim is that this will enhance children’s curiosity in their class' topic, whilst also exploring the key skills which underpin history and geography - Alex Waite, Humanities Lead.

Whole School Humanities Curriculum

Each class will have an opportunity to learn through history and geography across the three terms. Click here to see what each class has as a focus in respect to humanities.