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Home Learning - Reception Class

Homework 14th September 2018


Dear Parents

Welcome to your first homework letter! This letter will be sent out every Friday and will give you a brief summary of what we have been doing in class during the week and any tasks we would like you to complete with your child at home. We have had a good first week getting to know all of the children and we are very pleased at how well they are all settling in.

This week, as the children have been settling into class, we have been assessing their prior learning. As part of that we have completed 1:1 maths and phonics assessments so we now have a clear idea of what level each child is at in their pre-reading skills and how comfortable they are with counting and recognising numbers.

We have also started work on our topic of ‘Ourselves’, where the children have drawn self-portraits and our topic of Autumn which focuses on the changing season.

Phonics & Reading

Thank you so much to all the parents who came to our Reading Meeting this week. We hope you found it useful. For those parents who were unable to come, we will be putting a link to the information that was shared at the meeting on the Reception Class page of the school website. We will also be arranging a repeat meeting, the date and time of which will be confirmed shortly.

Next week we will be starting daily phonics sessions in class. This will begin with learning the first few sounds from Set 1; m, a, s, d, t. Once we have covered these sounds in class please practise them at home too. Please remember that games which support oral blending such as ‘I Spy’ are also very beneficial and so playing these with your child/children at home would be great. An explanation of how to play this to incorporate oral blending can be found at the end of this letter.

Observing lunch

On Tuesday 18th there is an opportunity for you to come and see your children having their school lunch. If you would like to see how lunchtime is organised for the children, please come along. You will need to sign in at the office at 11.45am and then come to the hall. Reception class come in to the hall at approximately 11.50am. This is a chance to observe your child, not to eat with them. We ask that you please stand back and let them get on with their lunch. Once they have finished you will be able to take them home. If you are not able to come along, then pick up time will be 1.00pm as usual.


The school policy for birthdays is that we do not give out sweets, cakes or gifts to the children. As we had not notified parents of this yet the children were lucky enough to enjoy two September birthdays this week! Thank you to those parents for their generosity, however from now on we ask that when your child has their birthday they do not bring in ‘treats’ to share. We do celebrate in class and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ so the children are still made to feel special.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Joyce & Mrs Simpson


 I spy

Look around the room or in a picture for objects with names containing two or three phonemes (e.g. zip, hat, comb, cup, chain, boat, tap, ball). Say “I spy with my little eye a z-i-p.” Then invite your child to say the name of the object and hold it up or point to it. Your child can then say the individual phonemes and blend them together ‘z-i-p, zip’. When your child has become familiar with this game, use objects with names that start with the same initial phoneme (e.g. cat, cap, cup, cot, comb, kite). This will really encourage the children to listen and then blend right through the word, rather than relying on the initial sound.

If you find that your child is struggling with blending the sounds together, make it easier by blending part of the word for them, e.g. m-at, c-up. Make sure that all your sounds are clear and don’t have ‘uh’ on the end, e.g. ‘mmmmm’ not ‘muh’. To hear the sounds being said correctly, go to youtube and type in ‘articulation of phonemes’ and watch the video uploaded by allsaintsprimary.