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Home Learning - Reception Class

Homework 30th November 2018

Dear Parents

This week in literacy we have been thinking about adding describing words to stories to make them more interesting for the reader. We looked back at the story of Owl Babies and thought about how we could include describing words into sentences to describe the setting or the characters, for example ‘One dark night’ or ‘…there were three baby owls. They were small and fluffy...” The children then added describing words into a sentence within their own stories. Overleaf is the story map for our class story ‘Fox Babies’. Perhaps your child could tell you the story using the action as we have practised in class. They are very good at it!

In RE we have continued learning about the Christmas Story. The children have listened to the story, put pictures from the story in sequence and re-told the story in their own words.

We have also started learning our songs for the nativity play which we will perform on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th December. For homework this week we would like the children to try learn the words for the songs we will be singing. Attached is a copy of the song words. Even if the children are not able to remember the tunes, hearing the words will really help. We will be centre stage and performing a dance to ‘Dance of the Little Star’ so knowing that one very well would be great!


In phonics this week we have learnt the Set 2 sounds; oo (as in look and book), ar, air, or and ir. Please practise these at home with your child. Please keep supporting your child by practising the sounds we have learnt so far and encouraging them to have a go when there are any writing opportunities.

Next week will be another assessment week in Phonics and Reading to allow us to make sure the children are all grouped correctly as they all make progress at different rates. This means that we will not be learning any new sounds next week.


This week our focus has been on recognising numeral from 0-10 and being able to count groups of objects and match them to the corresponding numeral. The children have enjoyed doing this through practical games using big blocks and number cards and also focussed group activities. The class have enjoyed playing a ‘Teddy Numbers’ game. This is the link to the game in case they would like to play it at home.


Please could we just reiterate that children should not be bringing toys from home into school. There are still some children who are taking items from home out of their bags in lesson time and either playing with them or swapping them with friends. If your child brings a toy with them to school, please try to take it from them at the gate before they come in to class.

Thank you for your support.


Mrs Joyce & Mrs Simpson