Christ Church C of E Primary School

Christ Church C of E Primary

Year 2 Home Learning Spring 1 - 2018

Spelling List Spring Term First Half 2018

Your child is in                                                  group for spellings.

Commas will be tested on 6 high frequency words each week.

Capital letters will be tested on 6 high frequency words and a further 4 words following a spelling pattern.

Full stops will be tested on 6 high frequency words, 4 words following a spelling pattern and a further 5 that will extend that pattern or of another pattern.



Capital Letters

Full Stops

Capital Letters

Full Stops

Full Stops

Date to be tested on

High Frequency Words





‘wh’ for ‘w’ sound

‘w’ followed by ur sound

Thurs 11th Jan

who         home

would      our

wanted   take

why  whisper



work        worth






 -ly suffix adjective-adverb

Thurs 28th  Jan

please    good

water    again

away     over






happily     sleepily






-ly suffix noun-adjective

Time Adverbials

Thurs 28th Jan

going   thought

took     things

think    school

friendly   brotherly



weekly   hourly






-y suffix

Thurs 7th Feb

after    every

much   right

most    began

sunny   nosy

funny   bony


noisy   smelly

juicy     hairy


Thurs 13th Feb

Revision Week



Your child will participate in a spelling test on the dates stated above. They will be tested on all words however the order in which the words are read out will vary from week to week.

Please encourage your child to practise their spellings in this book, using ONE page each week and then continuing on spare paper should they need to.

Thursday 13th Dec is a revision week where your child will take a slightly extended test involving a selection of words from all words learnt this half term. 

Year 2 - Spring - 1st Half 2018

Maths Homework- IXL

Below is an outline of the set homework skills we would like your child to practice over this half term. A suggested amount of time to spend on the two/three skills on IXL each week is 10-15 minutes. You should notice that as your child answers more questions correctly and at a faster pace that the level of difficulty will increase, similarly if they answer problems incorrectly IXL will alter the problems to suit their understanding.


Week commencing:

Year 2 IXL Skills

Times tables 

Friday 5th Jan

D.17 D.18 D.19 

5 x tables 

Friday 12th Jan

D.16 D.17 D.18


Friday 19th Jan

D.20 H.16 H.17


Friday 26th Jan

F.6 F.7

                 3 x tables


Friday 2nd Feb

G.8 G.9

                5 x tables


Friday 9th Feb

M.1 M.3

                 5 x tables


Friday 16th Feb

W.9 W.10

3x  tables


When your child logs onto IXL you will notice the huge range of skills they can work on. If your child is enjoying using this programme and wants to practise skills that are not set homework, this would be beneficial to them.


Comprehension Homework

Spring Term First Half 2018


Date to be given out

Date to be handed in



Friday 12th Jan

Thursday 25th Jan

Friday 26th Jan

Thursday 1st Feb  

Friday 2nd Feb

Thursday 15th Feb

Friday 16th Feb

Thursday 1st March

Friday 2nd March

Friday 15th March


Comprehension homework will be sent home fortnightly, the aim is to help improve children’s understanding of what they are reading. It will also develop their skills in writing a full sentence as an answer. It is important that homework is handed in on the correct date as we will mark the comprehension in groups on the next day.