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Year 2 – Reading Comprehension Home Learning

Every Friday, your child will receive a reading comprehension task to complete. As the children become more confident to sound out words and read with fluency, it is essential they develop their comprehension skills. This is the ability to process a text, understand the meaning, answer questions about it and make inferences from it.

Depending on your child’s confidence, you may choose to read the text aloud with them, giving them support to answer the questions, by looking back at the text, as needed. As the year progresses the children will become more independent.

Thank you for your continued support – happy reading!

Ms Laver and Mrs Adkinson


Year 2 Spelling Lists – Autumn 1

This half term we are going to focus on Y2 Common Exception Words. These are words which do not necessarily follow spelling patterns the children will learn and need to be learned off by heart.

We will have a spelling test every Friday afternoon.

Thank you for your continued support.

Week commencing


17th September

door, floor, poor, because, find, mind, kind, behind

24th September

child, children, wild, climb, most, only, both

1st October

old, cold, gold, hold, told, every, great, break, steak

8th October

pretty, beautiful, after, past, fast, last, father,

15th October

class, glass, pass, plant, bath, path, hour

Year 2 – Autumn 1

Maths Homework- IXL

Below is an outline of the set homework skills we would like your child to practice over this half term. A suggested amount of time to spend on the two/three skills on IXL each week is 10-15 minutes. You should notice that as your child answers more questions correctly and at a faster pace that the level of difficulty will increase, similarly if they answer problems incorrectly IXL will alter the problems to suit their understanding. Please don’t try skills beyond Year three and this increases the chance of children developing holes in their understanding through misconceptions of the learning. Thank you for your support.

Week commencing:

Year 2 IXL Skills

Times tables 

Monday 10th September

  A.1 A.2 A.3 A.4 

2X 5X 10X

Monday 17th September

          A.5 A.6 A.7 A.8

2X 5X 10X

Monday 24th September

    A.9 A.10 A.11 A.12 A.13


2X 5X 10X

Monday 1st October

        A.14 A.15 A.16 A.17


2X 5X 10X


Monday 8th October

 A.18 A.19 A.20 A.21 A.22


2X 5X 10X


Monday 15th October

 A.23 A.24 A.25 A.26 A.27


2X 5X 10X