Christ Church C of E Primary School

Christ Church C of E Primary

Home Learning – Year 3 - Autumn Term First Half 2018

Spelling and Times Tables


Your child will participate in a spelling/times table test on the dates stated in the table below. They will be tested on all words/tables; however, the order in which the words/tables are read out will vary from week to week.

Here are some suggestions to help your child learn their spellings:

Date to be tested on

Spellings for Groups

Times Table Focus





Thurs 20th Sep


High Frequency Words


about, all, an, and, are

10 x

Suffixes Revision: ‘-s’, ‘-es’, ‘-er’, ‘-ed’, ‘-ing’


walks, running, skipped, chatted, singer, searches, hoped, waving, baked, planning

3 x





Thurs 27th Sep


High Frequency Words


as, asked, at, back, be

10 x

Prefixes ‘dis-‘ and ‘un-‘

searches, skipped, disappoint, disagree, disobey, disappear, unlucky, unhappy, unusual, untie

3 x





Thurs 4th Oct


High Frequency Words


big, but, by, called, came

10 x

Apostrophes for contractions

doesn’t, I’ve, can’t, she’s, he’s, it’s, there’s, won’t, isn’t, I’ll, don’t, I’d


3 x


Thurs 11th Oct

High Frequency Words

can, children, come, could, dad

10 x

Rarer GPCs: ‘a’ sound spelt ‘ei,’ ‘eigh,’ ‘aigh’ or ‘ey’

rain, snake, eight, sleigh, tray, paint, grey, straight, vein, they

3 x

Thurs 18th Oct

High Frequency Words

day, do, don’t, down, for

10 x


brake break

grate great

eight ate

weight wait

son sun

3 x

















Maths Homework Online – IXL


This year, children will complete their maths homework using the new school home learning and school assessment tool, IXL.  Children will be allocated homework on a Friday, based on what the class have been learning that week. It is expected that you supervise your child’s use of IXL, as completion of maths homework will be monitored weekly.

Individual login and password details for IXL will be distributed and it is advised that you keep these somewhere safe. Please click here to go straight to the IXL log-in page.


Below you will find the appropriate homework for each maths group. 

Circles should aim to achieve a minimum score of 60 out of a 100, squares should aim to achieve a minimum score of 70 out of 100 and triangles should aim to score a minimum of 80 out of 100.


Date Due In

IXL unit





Fri 21st Sep

Yr2 A23

Yr3 L1,L4,L9,L15, C.3

Yr3 L2,L5,L10,C4


Yr 3

L3, L6, L11



B3, B8

Friday 28th Sep

Yr2 K3


Yr 3

B1, B5


B2, B4, B6


A8, A9, A10

Friday 5th Oct

Yr2 A21

Yr 3 A14, I1

Yr3 A14, I1

Yr3 A14

Yr 4 A4

Friday 12th Oct

Yr3 A1, A2

Yr3  A1, A2, A4

Yr3 A1, A2, A4

Friday 19th Oct


Yr2 D16, D18

Yr3 E5, E14, G2, G4

Yr3 G4, G9, G11, I2


Yr 3

G4, G13, G14



C1, C3




When your child logs onto IXL you will notice the huge range of skills they can work on. If your child is enjoying using this programme and wants to practise skills that are not set homework, this would be beneficial to them.


Reading Tasks and Comprehension 

The children will be expected to read with/to an adult and to complete a weekly reading comprehension task. As always, please write a comment in your child’s reading record once they have read or alternatively, as the children have reached KS2, they can write their own comment on what they thought about what they have read. Reading records will be checked every Thursday.