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Home Learning - Year 4


Year 4 Spelling List and Maths Facts

Spring Term First Half

Date to be tested on


Times Tables

11th January

Words ending - sure or - ture

Ensure, furniture, leisure, culture, displeasure, departure, reassure, fixture


2 & 3 times tables

18th January

Prefixes ‘in-’, ‘il-’, ‘im-’ and ‘ir-

Impossible, irrelevant, incapable, illegal, irregular, illogical, immature, independent

4 & 5 times tables

25th January

Words with the ‘sh’ sound spelt ‘ch’

Chef, chalet, machine, brochure, parachute, chute, moustache

6 times tables

1st  February

 Selected Statutory Spellings

Imagine, leisure, signature, curiosity, definite, necessary, temperature, immediately, physical

7 times tables

8th February  

Revision Week

2,3,4,5,6 and 7 times tables

Your child will participate in a spelling test on the dates stated above. They will be tested on all words however the order in which the words are read out will vary from week to week.

Thursday 8th February is a revision week where your child will take a slightly extended test involving a selection of words from all words learnt this half term.

Here are some suggestions to help your child learn their spellings.

On the first attempt ask your child to sit quietly, look at one word at a time, say the word, turn the page and write the word for the first attempt.

Use a separate copy of the words, cover the page back so your child cannot see the first attempt and then say each word in a mixed up order for your child to write the second attempt. It is likely that it will take more than two attempts for your child to be secure in these words so please continue on spare paper.


Children will continue to use IXL for their maths homework this year. The table below provides a guide for each group and which units they should complete by the deadline provided. Each unit will relate to the topics we have been, or will be, learning about in class over the half term. 

Children will be provided with their login details during the first week back at school. A link to the Christchurch IXL login page has been provided below. 


IXL Homework

Week Commencing




8th  January

Year 3:

BB.5, BB.6

Year 4:

H.7, H.9

Year 4: H.10

Year 5: D.24

15th  January

Year 3:

BB.10, DD.6

Year 4:

BB.5, BB.7

Year 4:

BB.2, BB.6

22nd January

Year 3:

Y.5, Y.6

Year 4

AA.1, AA.5

Year 4

AA.6, AA.7

29th January

Year 3:

W.15, W.17

Year 4

Y.16, Y.17

Year 4

Y.18, Y.19

5th February

Revision week

Revision Week

Revision Week



 Reading Tasks and Comprehension 

For home learning this year the children will be required to complete a weekly reading comprehension task. A reading comprehension task will be set on a weekly basis and then marked together in class the following week.

It is important that these tasks are completed on time as this will impact on the children's learning time in the classroom. 

The first task will be set on Friday 5th January and is due back on Friday 12th January.










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