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Home Learning - Year 4


Year 4 Spelling List and Maths Facts

Summer Term Second  Half 2017

Date to be tested on


Times Tables

15th June 2017

Words with the ‘s’ sound spelt sc

Science, scissors, scene, scent, descend, crescent, ascend, scenic

6 times tables

22nd June 2017

sion’ word endings

Division, collision, explosion, corrosion, conclusion, extension, comprehension, intrusion, evasion

7 times tables

29th June 2017

Apostrophes for singular possession

Boy’s, girl’s, father’s, mother’s, children’s, dog’s, Simon’s, Jessica’s

8 times tables

6th July 2017

Apostrophes for plural possession

Parents’, dogs’, boys’, teachers’, wolves’, babies’, girls’

9 times tables

15th July 2017


Weak, week, their, there, shore, sure, hour, our, hear, here

10 times tables


Revision Week and 10 times tables


Your child will participate in a spelling test on the dates stated above. They will be tested on all words however the order in which the words are read out will vary from week to week.

Thursday 24th March is a revision week where your child will take a slightly extended test involving a selection of words from all words learnt this half term.

Here are some suggestions to help your child learn their spellings and best use this book:

On the first attempt ask your child to sit quietly, look at one word at a time, say the word, turn the page and write the word for the first attempt.

Use a separate copy of the words, cover the page back so your child cannot see the first attempt and then say each word in a mixed up order for your child to write the second attempt. It is likely that it will take more than two attempts for your child to be secure in these words so please continue on spare paper.

IXL Homework





Week Beginning:

12th June 2017

Year 3

T.1, U.1


Year 4

W.1, W.6


Year 5


Week Beginning

19th June 2017

Year 3

T.5, T.6

Year 4


Year 5


Week Beginning

26th June 2017

Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Week Beginning

3rd July 2017

Year 3

R.2, R.6

Year 4

W.8, W.9

Year 5

J.1, J.4

Week Beginning

10th July 2017

Year 3

R.9, R.12

Year 4

U.8, U.4

Year 5







Year 4 Homework Activities Summer 2nd Half


Below is an outline of the fortnightly written activities we would like your child to complete at home over the course of this half term. The idea is that you spend roughly 2 hours over a two week period on the activities. The written pieces are intended to be part of a mini-project linked to our topic of Ancient Egypt. Approximately between 1 – 1 ½ pages should be a reasonable amount of work.  Please send each project page into school by the appropriate date, stuck into your child’s homework book.

Date to hand in  completed homework


15th June 2017

Egyptian Art 

Ancient Egyptian art was very unique and art existed in many different forms. For instance, there were cave paintings, representations of Pharaohs, carvings and sculptures. Choose a piece of Ancient Egyptian art and try to re-create this piece. You could even create your own image if you are feeling creative! You can also use different resources like paint, coloured paper/card etc.

29th June 2017

 The river Nile

 Imagine you are a farmer who lived on one of the many villages or towns on the Nile. Write an account as a farmer and explain how the flooding of the Nile each year was important for you. You could write different paragraphs on how the river provided a source of food, how the river provided the right soil to grown crops, how it was a key transport route for goods or even how it was part of your religion.

13th July 2017

Egyptian Landmarks

Lots of Ancient Egyptian landmarks still exist in modern Egypt today. Choose one of these landmarks (e.g. the sphinx, the great pyramids, the Valley of Kings etc.) and answer these questions about your landmark: what does it look like? Where is it in Egypt? Who built it? How was it built? Do people visit it today? Why was it important. You do not have to answer all the questions but use them to help you think about your landmark. You could label a picture or drawing of your landmark.


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