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Numeracy at Christ Church

At Christ Church Primary School, we believe that children should be taught to be confident with number, calculations, measuring, shape, data and statistics. We want children to recognise and be aware of the relevance and application of maths out in the real world.

By approaching the teaching of numeracy this way, we can try to ensure that children are competent mathematicians, not only for when they move onto secondary school but also for life.

We hope that this page gives a clear overview of how we teach maths at our school - Lee Sutton, Maths Lead

Early Number

Like how spelling and phonics are the foundations of literacy, times tables and number are the foundations of numeracy and without them, a child will find it difficult to progress if they do not have a good grasp of these concepts. Therefore, at Christ Church, we put an emphasis on number and key facts
regarding times tables and place value are being predominantly focussed on in KS1 to ensure children have a sound base knowledge on which to build upon in KS2.

 Maths Gym

 The pupils across the school start each day signing in to their Maths Gym. These sessions contain key number objectives that the pupils work towards achieving. As children advance through the school, our Maths Gym initiative helps support this base knowledge and keep it 'bubbling over' so to speak. Using online resources, like IXL, can further support the children's numeracy knowledge as well as teachers and parents assess the children's progress.


Numeracy Curriculum


Click here for our Calculation Guidelines

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Maths Standards

We use the Maths Standards below to assess pupils against 'expected' level of attainment for pupils of their age/Year group. We also like pupils to engage within the assessment process and play an active role in understanding what their next steps are.

Year 1 Maths Standards

Year 2 Maths Standards

Year 3 Maths Standards

Year 4 Maths Standards

Year 5 Maths Standards

Year 6 Maths Standards