Christ Church C of E Primary School

Christ Church C of E Primary

PAFA Minutes

Minutes of Christ Church Parents and Friends Association (PAFA)

Thursday 6th October 2016

Meeting took place in Christ Church School Hall 

Attended by:    PAFA Officers
                        Mr Leccacorvi – Head Teacher
                        Mrs Favell – Deputy Head Teacher
                        Christ Church School Parents


  • Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of last AGM
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Financial Report for School 2016/17
  • Election of Officers and Committee Members
  • Class Representatives
  • Activities and events for 2016/17
  • Any Other Business


Apologies for Absence

Bee Barnsley
Melissa Disley
Karen Mitchell
Denise O’Malley
Joanna Fisher
Kelly Paget

Minutes of AGM 2015

The minutes of the last AGM were read and proposed as a true record.

Treasurer's Report

Lesley Ferdenando ran through figures including current funds, donation made to the School in the last year and a breakdown of the funds raised this year. The two fetes raised the most money which reflects the amount of manpower required to run such events.

PAFA will not be putting funds into bonds or long-term savings accounts. Doing this in previous years did not yield much interest and it is preferable for funds to be readily available to support the school as and when needed. This was agreed and no concerns were voiced.

Financial Report for School 2016/17

Mr Leccacorvi ran through how last year PAFA funded:

  • 15 iPads in secure trolleys for each class in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
  • Woodlands farm visits subsidies
  • Art sketch books for all children across the school

In 2016/17 PAFA funds will be used to finance:

  • Arty Party – One day for each class, each child will produce one piece of artwork to display in the school and then take home. This will also serve as a learning opportunity for teachers who can then use that knowledge going forwards
  • New foldaway staging - This will be used long-term in a variety of ways and will replace the existing staging which is very cumbersome to set up and move
  • Money raised this year will support developments going forwards

Mr Leccacorvi extended his thanks on behalf of the school staff for all the help from parents and the committee. He commented on the great work done by so many parents working together at summer events especially.

Lesley Ferdenando reiterated that PAFA could not do all it does without the support from all parents volunteering at and attending events.

This year’s successes include:

  • Assigning leadership roles to volunteers who then enlisted the help of their contacts and year groups.
  • Opening the volunteering bank via slips in book bags to request help for specific events
  • Keeping communications and processes transparent via class reps feeding back to year groups.
  • Class reps feeding back to PAFA what parents’ thoughts are on initiatives
  • The talent show – loved by parents and kids alike. It made less than £300 but was very worthwhile in other ways. Deborah Dumville, year 5 and Reception parent, commented that it was indeed an amazing atmosphere.

Challenges include:

  • Volunteers are often the same people. There is a need to increase the bank of volunteers to help with the work/life balance of those who help regularly. It was suggested class reps should aim to get people to commit to one event per year by looking at the list of this year’s upcoming events and making themselves available.
  • Keeping the costs of events low to make it affordable for families whilst being profitable. The bouncy castle at the summer fete was given as an example of when parents have questioned the price charged but this was an expensive outlay that needed to be covered. New sibling rates to be charged for future events.
  • Sourcing attractive raffle prizes. It was proposed PAFA should start early, identify local suppliers and that perhaps each year could aim to provide one raffle prize. This could be donated by a parent’s company or funded by holding a bake sale for example or doing a collection.
  • Help to set up and tidy away after events is often not as well covered by volunteers

New initiatives:

  • Increase the number of events to at least one per half term
  • Run a tuckshop, uniform and ticket sale a week prior to each event
  • Helping Hand Uniform Kitty – funds raised from uniform sales to be kept separate from main PAFA funds and used to provide uniforms for families who need help. Applications would be confidential via the school not PAFA.
  • New disco times to reduce parents’ trips to and from school and increase attendance. KS1 will be 3.30-5.15pm with food served immediately and then disco to follow. KS2 will be 5.30-7.15 with pick up via the main playground rather than the hall door to increase efficiency.
  • Movie Night – More substantial food to be served rather than snacks as children have been hungry and fidgety at previous events.

Election of Officers and Committee Members

The following were proposed and seconded:

Lesley Ferdenando and Claire Jones

Joanna Fisher

Alison Mellish

All class reps listed below.

Class Representatives**

The following Class Representatives were proposed and seconded:

Rec.     Michelle Osborn, Lunda Mweemba and Deborah Dumville

Y1        Caroline Lester, Gladys Douglas and Natalie Parr

Y2        Melissa Disley and Alison Mellish

Y3        Lesley Ferdenando and Dionne White

Y4        Debbie Newman and Joanna Fisher

Y5        Thelma Watling and Bee Barnsley

Y6        Denise O’Malley, Esther Galiano and Wendla Nyakambngwe

 ** Class Reps are subject to change during the year.  Please check Class Rep page for current reps.

Activities and Events for 2016/17

Winter Term

Fri 14 Oct                    Movie Night

Thu 10 Nov                 Bags2School Collection (Bags to be sent out before half term)

Fri 18 Nov                   School Disco

Fri 9 Dec                     Christmas Fete

Tue 13 &

Wed 14 Dec 2pm        Nativity Plays - Selling drinks and mince pies

Thu 15 Dec 6pm         Carol Concert - Selling drinks and mince pies

Spring Term

Fri 27 Jan                    Movie Night

Fri 3 Mar                     Race Night

Fri 24 Mar                   Pamper Night

Wed 29 Mar                Easter Tea (after school)

Summer Term

Fri 5 May                     Quiz Night

Fri 19 May                   Disco

Fri 16 Jun                    Summer Fete

Fri 14 Jul                     Summer BBQ/Karaoke          

Any Other Business

Dionne White, Year 3 parent suggested PAFA funds be used to pay for more exciting school trips, to museums for example.

Mr Leccacorvi responded by explaining that other trips have been considered but were deemed too expensive.

Natalie Parr, year 1 parent, suggested class reps could find out if any parents have useful contacts with coach companies or the like to secure discounts.

Lesley Ferdenando suggested it would help to ensure parents understand the costs involved.

Liz, year 1 parent, suggested someone be responsible for sourcing discounts on theatre trips and such and offered her services to fulfil this role if required.

Action – Mr Leccacorvi to arrange a school trips working party and canvass parents to garner opinion on how much they would be willing to pay. Paying a set amount, for example £40, at the start of the year to cover school trips which the school could then decide how that is to be spent, is one possibility to consider.

Meeting closed.