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Year 4 – summer

What are we getting up to this term?


So far the children have settled well back into school life this week after what sounds like a fun and busy Easter period for all. It has been wonderful to hear about what everyone has been getting up to over the Easter holidays. The children have also started the new term with great enthusiasm.

We have lots of fun and engaging learning planned for this term and we have already started looking at our new topics across the curriculum. The children have been busy in the first couple of days talking about our new topics and by creating lots of new pieces for the displays in the classroom. They have also been doing lots of thinking and taking part in discussions about this half term's value word: perseverance.


In literacy (for most of this term) we will be reading the book Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo. We have started to read the book and the children have been making predictions about what they think will happen in the story; we have also been discussing possible themes which might run through the story based on what we have seen in the first few chapters of the book. Throughout the term the class will be writing different pieces of fiction and non-fiction based on Why the Whales Came. To finish the summer term, the class will be reading the Firework Makers Daughter by Phillip Pullman.

Spellings – Spellings will be sent out on Friday 20th April and spelling tests will continue to take place on Thursday mornings (the first of which will be on 26th April)


Reading Comprehension – The first reading comprehension homework will be sent home on Friday 20th April and is expected back by Friday the 27th.


This half term we will be focussing on measurements in year 4. We have begun this term by looking at perimeter and area and the children will be moving on to deepen their understanding of using a range of different measurements, including time and money. After half term the class will be learning about the properties of shape and we will finish the year by looking at statistics, position and direction. The class will be continuing to apply their learning to a range of different reasoning, real life and problem solving activities in maths based on the topics we will be learning about this half term

Maths Gym, Times tables and IXL - The children will continue to practice their mental maths skills and times tables each morning in class. Could you please ensure you spend time each week helping your children with their IXL learning and also with their times tables practice.


Year 4’s humanities topic for this term is the Ancient Mayans. The class will be sharing what they know about the Mayans and we will discuss what they would like to learn about over the summer term. The children will be looking at the different aspects of Ancient Maya like: culture, society and art. The children will also reflect on how these people’s lives were different or similar to their own. In humanities we will continue to develop skills in source analysis, investigation and map reading throughout the term.


The children will be learning about livening things (including humans) and their habitats during the summer term. In the first half of the term the class will be focussing on how and why animals are different and we will look at classifying animals and placing them in different groups. Following this the children will be thinking about food chains, habitats and also the human impact on different environments and habitats.


For Art this half term the class will be looking at the work of Andy Warhol and the pop art movement. The class will be studying some iconic paintings from this movement. They will then move on to design and create their own painting in the style of Andy Warhol.


Firstly in R.E year four will be learning about Liturgy and the Anglican church. During this unit the children will visit Christchurch and learn about different style of worship, how and why Christians prayer and different elements of Christian worship. In the second half of the summer term, the class will be thinking about the five pillars of Islam and why this are important within the Islamic faith.


Year four will continue to have their P.E lessons on Tuesday mornings in school this half term. In addition to this, the class have their second weekly P.E lesson on Thursday afternoons with Mrs Grabbam. Can you please ensure that your child brings in their P.E kit for these lessons each week ready for these sessions?


The first reading comprehension task for the new term will be handed out on the first Friday back in school (20th April). It is important that the children also continue to practise their reading, weekly spellings, times tables facts and that they complete their weekly IXL tasks. Also make sure you spend enough time on the reading comprehension sheets.

I'm very excited to continue working with the class throughout the summer term and the children seem equally enthusiastic about the new learning which will take place! 

As always, if you have any concerns, queries or would like to know more about our learning or home learning please get in touch and I will be happy to help.

Best Wishes,

Mr Waite











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