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Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn Term (first half)


A very warm welcome back to Christ Church and Year 5! I hope you all had wonderful summers and are now ready for a very busy term ahead with lots of exciting activities planned. I shall be teaching Year 5 for the majority of the school week; on Thursday mornings, Mrs McCabe, Mrs McCree and Miss Jules will teach the class. We are also fortunate enough to have Mrs McCabe as our Year 5 classroom assistant. Set out below is some information on the topics we are covering this half term.



Our focus as a school this year is Literacy and we are changing the way we teach it across all Key Stages. The new way of teaching will focus on encouraging children to quickly generate unique ideas, talk about language and its effect on the reader alongside gaining the ability to discuss their ideas and judge which is the most appropriate/effective. This half term our focus will be on describing a setting through ‘warning stories’ (stories with warnings in them). Our class book that will support us with this is Skellig by David Almond. Drama and spelling, punctuation and grammar workshops will also feature heavily over the course of the term and year.


Handwriting and Spelling – cursive handwriting practise take place 3-4 times a week and it is vital that you practise these skills outside of school where possible. I have removed all pen licenses and will reward children with these once they have proven to me that they can consistently join their writing correctly and their letters are proportionate to each other. Spelling tests will be conducted every Thursday: although spelling rules are taught and practised during school time, it is imperative that they are also practised at home. The first box of spellings are to be learned by the spelling group – the second box is the main class list (although I highly recommend revising the words in the first box too)!


Should anybody misplace their half-termly spelling sheet, they should let me know as soon as possible or look online – no excuses for not learning your spellings!



Year 5 will begin the year looking at place value: ordering, writing and rounding whole numbers (up to 6 digits), as well as negative numbers and learning multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12. We shall also explore number sequences and identify patterns and relationships within numbers. Our lessons will seek to develop reasoning and problem solving.


Times tables will feature heavily throughout the year. Having a secure knowledge of these is fundamental to speeding up the calculation process and underpinning much of the work that goes on in class. I therefore encourage you to work with your child to practise and improve speed and recall as much as possible. A times table test will take place every Thursday.


This year, children will continue to complete their maths homework using the home learning and school assessment tool, IXL. This homework is weekly and based on what the pupils have been learning that week. The number of problems and skills to be practised will be set by myself, along with a minimum pass mark. It is expected that you supervise your child’s use of IXL, as completion of maths homework will be monitored.

Individual login and password details for IXL will be distributed at the start of the year. It is advised that you keep these somewhere safe, but please let me know if they are misplaced at any point!



In Science, Year 5 will be learning about the Earth and beyond. We will be finding out about the Solar System, the Sun and the changing states of the Moon. We shall explore why we have day and night, as well as different seasons.



This term, the children will be trying their hand at becoming game developers; using software to design and then create their own game.



During this half term, Year 5 will explore the topic ‘The Journey of Life and Death’. The children will understand the important milestones in a person’s life, as well as sensitively discuss the different ways in which Christians and people of other faiths respond to loss and bereavement.



This term, we will be studying the Greeks: a fascinating civilisation and an incredible chance to uncover a rich tapestry of ancient history, art, geography and science. We will begin by placing the Ancient Greek period in chronological order, looking at their religious beliefs and practices; uncovering the many Gods and Myths that featured heavily in their lives; and discovering what it really took to be a Spartan or Athenian.



In keeping with our class book ‘Skellig’ – which explores the beauty of Nature, in particular: birds – we are going to use different mediums to create art around the subject of birds. We will look at the famous Edward Lear and the way he portrayed birds, to a comparison of more modern artists before having a go at creating our own bird sculpture out of papier-mâché.


Music and French

Due to timetabling, this half term will be ‘blocked out’ and we will be focussing on teaching Art. Next half term, the children will be taught Music and French by specialist teachers.



This half term, Year 5’s PE focus on a Tuesday is football and hockey on a Thursday (both taught by Mrs Grabham). If possible, please provide shin pads and mouth guards respectively.


Home Learning

If your child does not have access to online tools for learning at home, please let me know so that I can make provisions for this during the school week. I thank you in advance for your support in this.


I am extremely excited about this year and teaching a new Year 5 class, and I really hope your child continues to enjoy their learning and development at Christ Church. If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to come and speak to me, or alternatively, make an appointment to see me with the office.


Warm Regards,


Miss Beard