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Christ Church C of E Primary

First Summer Term - Year 6


Welcome back to what will be a busy and packed term! I hope you all had a restful break and a massive thank you for your support in helping the children revise over the holiday. 

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They're here! It's SATs time and what the children have been revising so hard for. The SATs will start on Monday 14th May and end on Thursday 17th May. On Friday, the children will be treated to pizza and doughnuts for lunch as a reward for all their hard work.

As a result of the tests, the beginning of this term will be about ensuring the children are ready and have the knowledge to do well. Please help us to help enable the children to be as relaxed and calm as possible during these intense weeks by ensuring children have breakfast and get a good amount of sleep during the week. The children have worked really well so far and it's just a few more weeks until the pressure is off for everyone!

Although the focus will be on the SATs, we are still studying other  subjects and you will find information about what else the class will be learning about during this first summer term on this page. 

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In Literacy, Year 6 will continue studying the novel 'Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz. The children will be examining the content closely; revising how to write a dual narrative based around the events in the book and how to change between different character identities. We will continue to use the theme of the book to help us meet writing assessment criteria for the SATs. We will also continuing to study punctuation, grammar and comprehension which will be incorporated into our work.

Spellings will focus on revision of past SATs spellings used. Some of these spellings have been used more than twice in previous tests and also it is useful to know the kind of words used. We will be revising spelling strategies the children can use independently.  

Please note that your child's spelling lists for the entire term are on the home learning page. Spellings are tested every Friday.

Reading is of vital importance and every child should spend at least 15 minutes every night reading.  We would expect that all children read aloud to an adult at least twice a week.  Your child has a reading record in their school folder and we would ask that you support your child in their reading and sign their record every week – thank you.

In Numeracy Year 6 will be revising arithmetic skills i.e. the four operations, place value, order of operations, multiplying/dividing fractions and percentages. We will then be looking at how these skills can then applied to the reasoning problems that will be in the tests as well as looking at topics such as ratio, data handling, co-ordinates and area/perimeter.

It is vitally important to your child if you could help by practising their times tables and a variety of mental arithmetic questions based around these subjects or encourage them to use websites such as the BBC Bitesize and of course, IXL. By helping them to know their times tables, it supports the children in making links between the different concepts of maths.

P.E. will be on Thursdays. Complete indoor kit will be needed in school to ensure that your child can take part in this lesson.

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In Geography this half term we will continue to study volcanoes. The class will look at how and why people live on or near volcanoes despite the very real dangers that they present. Through this work, the children will be revising and honing their atlas skills and  computer skills.

R.E. will focus on examining different religions. The children will be studying Islam and what the beliefs are for that religion. We will be looking at how Islam's beliefs are closely related to Christianity and has a number of similarities. 

This term, we have no planned trips as we will be studying for the SATs but after this half-term, there will be a number of outings planned such as Southwark Cathedral, Southmere Lake, etc.

As you can see we have a great deal to fit in this half term and we would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Mr L Sutton, Mrs Ling and Mrs Bremerkamp.