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Community Cohesion

At Christ Church School we live out our Christian Vision and school ethos through our close connection with the community. We welcome, value and respect everyone connected to our school and aim to help children to develop their character in line with the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of all faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. We also aim to reach out to other parts of the community so as to experience and enjoy the diversity of the area we live in, and to learn about and make a contribution to parts of society where support or action is needed. At our school children develop aspiration for themselves and for the communities in which they live. Our desire for them is to have a determined spirit to be advocates for change in local, national and global communities.

Community is central to the Christian faith. As a Church of England Primary School, we are part of God’s family, which means that we all belong together.

We want all members of our school community to stand up for what is right. We ask ourselves:

  • How can we be happy when others are not?
  • How can we enjoy our riches, knowing that others are going hungry or without a roof over their heads?
  • How can we enjoy our privileges, knowing that others do not have the same privileges?

As children of God, made in the image of God we are all equal and of equal worth to God.


At Christ Church we place high importance in the emotional well-being of our pupils, families and the community around us. We work with our school community to provide understanding, support and an opportunity for change.

In our previous Ofsted inspection, our development point was to evaluate the impact of the school's work to promote community cohesion. We have embraced this as part of our culture since that time and there is now a tangible synergy within our community.

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Community Cohesion – What we do!


Whole School Project

At Christ Church we have an exciting initiative! Each class has identified a community focus they are interested in where the children can learn about a project or organisation within the area and help in some way so that our children are making a real impact and a valuable contribution.


Greenwich Food Bank

In September Year 2 had a visit from a representative from Greenwich Food Bank who had lots of fascinating facts for the children and explained how the organisation works. From that, they decided that they would like to help by raising awareness in school and collecting particular items that the Food Bank have highlighted as an urgent need.


Intergeneration Links

Reception and Year 1 are building a relationship with residents at a local residential care home. Groups of our children will make regular visits to the home where we will sing, read, craft and play board games with the residents. This is so valuable in many ways. The children will build an understanding of people from different generations and backgrounds. They can enjoy the company of the residents and have fun sharing stories and activities. The children will also develop an understanding that some of these people are lonely and therefore can see the impact they have in sharing some time and good company.


Caring for our enironment

Our Year 4 children feel passionate about having an impact on the environment and the world in which we live. Earlier this year the class researched Eco Bricks, a global organisation who work encourage homes and communities to move from plastic to using greener alternatives and Year 4 started their eco journey by making and collecting their own bricks.

As time has progressed, we have discovered that although making and collecting Eco bricks is valuable, it was going to be difficult for us to maintain this as a long term project because we don’t have the space to store them all! However, Year 4 are still very keen to continue working towards a cleaner environment.

Year 4 are now going to be focusing on our local area, the school and Church grounds. The children will go out regularly in small groups to clear litter from around the school grounds, which is also a community space after school hours, the Church gardens and surrounding area. In this way, the children will be having an immediate impact on their local environment and making the area a cleaner and safer place for the community.


The Church Community - The Bishops' Lent Call

Our Year 5 children, as part of the Southwark Diocese, have decided they would like to support the Bishop’s Lent Call. This is an annual fundraising project where the monies raised each year go to support work in other parts of the Anglican Communion and projects in our own Diocese. Each year the Bishop will identify projects for Churches, schools and members of the diocese to support. You can find more information at .

The children have researched the projects selected for this year and have presented their findings to the rest of the school to raise awareness. Now, the class will be thinking of ways to raising funds, which they will plan and run themselves. The money raised from this will then be sent to the charity that the Bishop has selected.


Homelessness in our community

After doing some work in class about Action Aid and sharing their learning in collective worship, our children in Year 6 voiced a desire to help people effected by homelessness. They have made contact with a local homeless charity organisation, Emmaus Greenwich, to find out more and see how they could have an impact. A representative from Emmaus will come to speak to the children about a time when they had been homeless, how they managed and how life has now changed for them. From that, Year 6 will identify what they can do to help and we look forward to seeing how their project evolves.


Global Community

Our Year 3 children decided that they would like to help somebody in another country who does not have the opportunities in life that they do. They have selected the charity World Vision who they will be working with to sponsor a child. The children will be finding ways to raise funds to support their contact and they look forward to hearing updates and making building a strong two-way link with their new friend.


Other community links


Our school choir enjoy getting out and about and sharing their music with various groups within the community. Christmas is a particularly busy time for them where they visit the Memorial Hospital and Residential Care homes in the area. Easter and summer bring performances too with our Summer Serenade for school families and friends in the community being an annual highlight.


Woodlands Farm

We have a strong link with Woodlands Farm. All classes visit the farm at least twice in the year to enjoy activities which support their learning in variety of areas across the curriculum. As well as this, we have our school allotment at the farm. Every class spends some time over the year tending to the allotment, whether that is weeding, planting, watering or harvesting. Our fabulous school chef, Marie, uses produce from our allotment in the kitchens and in cooking activities with the children. 


Greenwich University

Year 5 will enjoy spending time at the university again this year in a project that has been running for three years now. The children experience attending lectures, working on projects and presenting their own work in a lecture theatre to other students, staff and parents. 

In return, we have mentors from Greenwich University who come to Christ Church regularly to work with and support children across the school.


Children's Parliament

Last year, our school council children played an important part in the Children's Parliament based at Under 1 Roof in Woowich. They worked with representatives from other local schools to experience what it is like to be a member of a council. The group planned an initiative to support others in the local area, brought activities back to their 'constituants' at school and developed a project ending in an event day where people from the local community could come and find out about projects and services in the area which may support them and their families. We look forward to being part of this project if it is run again in the future.


Greenwich Welfare Women's Refuge

It is important to us that the children in our school understand that there are people within our local community who are less fortunate and help them to build an understanding that by working together we are able to help. At Harvest and at Christmas we support the Women's Refuge, a centre for women and children who are escaping domestic violence. Donations of food, toiletries, and living essentials are collected at our Harvest Festival and donated to the refuge and at Christmas time we collect donations of Christmas presents for the children who are staying in the refuge to ensure that every child at the refuge receives a Christmas present.


Friday Club for lunch

The Friday Club is a group of elderly people connected to the church. We invite them to come and share lunch with the children regularly.


Curriculum Visits

As part of a varied and enriching curriculum, our children have regular school trips or visits to/from organisations and places of interest to support their learning and develop understanding. These include religious and cultural visits where we look to educate the children and encourage the values of mutual respect and tolerance. We look to provide experiences of the customs of all major faiths across the school.


Links through the Church 

The school is also part of the Church community and therefore we also support causes through Christ Church such as The Children’s Society, Christian Aid and last year we had a whole school focus on raising funds for Debt Slavery through the charity USPG.


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