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Food Growing and Cooking at Christ Church

At Christ Church, we value the importance of teaching our pupils about nature and growing and want them to use these skills to learn more about and respect their natural environment. we have our own allotment plot at Woodlands Farm which is situated close to the school and all of our pupils have an opportunity to visit the farm. Our pupils also have an opportunity to cook through a comprehensive 'cooking curriculum'. This page gives further information.

Food Cooking at Christ Church

we have worked hard to develop a cooking curriculum that is linked with the rest of the pupils respective creative curriculum. Our chef Marie, works with the pupils on a weekly basis and teaches them about food and how to prepare selected dishes. The school has developed its own Cooking Room, which is also used for an after-school Cooking Club. The timetable for the 2019 cooking offer is below:

Year Group

Cooking activity and CC links - 2019



Salad Pitta Pockets



Fruit Kebabs



Super Veg Pasta



Chicken Tacos



Granola Bars



Potato and Paprika Tortilla



Healthy Pizza

Through their work with food, pupils are taught how to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Instilling a love of cooking, helps pupils to learn how to feed themselves and others which is a crucial life skill. Though cooking within the curriculum, we meet the design and technology aims of the national Curriculum, focusing on the strands below:

Key Stage 1

1. To use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes

2. To understand where food comes from

Key Stage 2

1. To understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet

2. To prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques

3. To understand seasonality, and know where a variety of ingredients are grown, reared and processed.


Woodlands Farm

The school has worked hard to create its own allotment at Woodlands Farm, which is within walking distance from the school. The children visit the farm for structured educational visits but also go to the farm to learn about food growing on our allotment. The school has two facilitators, Tony Baker and Chloe Coombes who are responsible for planning the activities for the children at the farm.

 Our School Allotment

Over the past two years, the school have won a number of different awards for our allotment and growing such as:

  • 2016 Bexley in Bloom - First place for the Best School Allotment Award
  • 2017 Ruxley in Bloom - Third place for the Scariest Scarecrow Award
  • 2017 Ruxley in Bloom - First place for the Best School vegetable Plot award


Children receiving the awards from Royal gardener Jim Butress and The Mayor of Bexley


In 2017, the school also attended a special awards ceremony for 'budding school gardeners' at which Prince Edward congratulated the school on their achievements.


Our young gardeners meeting Prince Edward