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Mathematics at Christ Church


Mathematics Rationale

'At Christ Church Primary School, we believe that children should be taught to be confident with number, calculations, measuring, shape, data and statistics. We want children to recognise and be aware of the relevance and application of maths out in the real world.

By approaching the teaching of Mathematics this way, we can try to ensure that children are competent mathematicians, not only for when they move onto secondary school but also for life.

We hope that this page gives a clear overview of how we teach maths at our school.'

Lee Sutton, Maths Subject Lead



The Mathematics Curriculum at Christ Church      

At Christ Church, we use the White Rose Maths approach to underpin the maths curriculum. This approach focuses on pupils utilising their number facts to improve their reasoning skills. Over time, this improves pupils' ability to be able to problem solve. Learn more about White Rose by clicking here. 

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Early Number incorporating the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract

 Like how spelling and phonics are the foundations of literacy, times tables and number are the foundations of numeracy and without them, a child will find it difficult to progress if they do not have a good grasp of these concepts. Therefore, at Christ Church, we put an emphasis on number and key facts regarding times tables and place value are being predominantly focussed on in KS1 to ensure children have a sound base knowledge on which to build upon in KS2.

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 Maths Passports - Keeping Key Skills 'bubbling'

The pupils across the school start most days practicing their key maths skills to ensure that the building blocks of maths are strong and secure; that these skills are 'bubbling'. Regular practice of these help children to confidently apply them to the different maths topics taught over the year. As a result, each year group have a set of key facts that need to be learnt to ensure that pupils have the basic foundations in order to progress their learning in the following years. These are assessed each term.

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Interactive maths sites

 In addition to regular practice of maths skills, the school uses a variety of interactive and innovative maths websites that help to foster maths knowledge and skills.  

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TT Rockstars is used by many schools across the country and world in helping children to develop their times tables knowledge. Through regular use of the activities and the rewards for the children achieving their goals, TT Rockstars has had a great impact on improving times tables skills.


TT Rockstars Day

The children dressed as Rockstars or Numbots and joined in with Times Tables challenges.



Numbots is a spin-off site of TT Rockstars which focusses on the KS1 classes and helps children to learn the basics of maths through a series of interactive games where children can earn rewards. This enables children to access maths more easily as they are able to develop the foundations of maths quicky. 


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IXL is a website that is used by thousands of school worldwide. It helps children to assess their knowledge in various maths skills across a wide range of topics. It supports the children in assessing their needs and providing help when they need it. By using this website, pupils can consolidate their learning from the week.



Calculation Guidelines

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