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Phonics at Christ Church

Here is an online phonics guide for parents which we think will be a really useful way for you to find out more about phonics, how it is taught in class and how you can help your child at home.

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Phonics across  FS and KS1

In a separate session outside of the Literacy hour, children in FS and KS1 are taught the principles and practice of phonics following the guidance of ‘Letters and Sounds’. The Foundation Stage starts at Phase 2 and continues to Phase 3; Year 1 continues with Phase 3 up to Phase 5 and Year 2 continues with Phase 5 to Phase 6. The teaching of phonics is essential in helping children to develop their reading. When children have completed the phonics phase teaching they then progress to the statutory spellings as out lined in the Year 2 Programmes of Study. Weekly spelling lists are sent home linked to phonics/spelling patterns being taught. Click here to see our Phonics Provision Plan

 Year 1 Phonics Screening

 Children are tested at the end of Year 1 on their phonics knowledge. This is done by children reading 40 words and nonsense words. Children who correctly attempt the threshold amount (last year 32), are deemed to be working at the expected level. Children scoring below the threshold are deemed to be working below. These children are then given extra phonics support in Year 2 and re-tested at the end of th year. See our phonics outcomes from 2018 below:

Year 1 Phonics Total no. of Year 1 pupils % of pupils working at the required standard (32+/40):



    93% 83%